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For solutions that stand the test of real life - instead of just attitudes and opinions.

/ Behavior Focus

No "Imagination" - but knowing through action-relevant insights what your customers actually do, instead of just "what" they think.

/ Implementation Focus

For real solutions that actually change the behavior of your customers. Because in the end, what makes a difference is what happens in action.

/ KI  & BE inside

Get more out of your data through faster and better analysis with the help of artificial intelligence and behavioral economics.

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Innovation & Product Development

PHASES: Discovery - Problem Fit - Solution Fit

What is the next big thing for our company? What product ideas have the best chance with my customers? And much more.



Communication &

PHASES: Market Fit - Story Fit - Conversion Fit

Which story is the most promising? Which pricing strategy has the greatest potential? How can you optimize the conversion of your sales funnel? And much more.




Smart Tracking nach dem Minimax-Prinzip - Tracking doesn't always have to be big, expensive, and cumbersome. What would a lean Smart Tracking solution look like for you?




Every insight is only relevant if it includes implementation options that truly make a difference in the customer's actions. You can find the right tools to turn insights into solutions in our tool databases.



Tool &
Best Practice Databases

Every insight is only relevant if it includes implementation options that truly make a difference in the customer's actions. You can find the right tools to turn insights into solutions in our tool databases.


Four different PLANS - suitable for every test budget.

What is a test budget? The test budget is the amount of money allocated for purchasing tests. The test budget is due in advance, and there are no additional ongoing costs.

Please select your desired TEST BUDGET PLAN here.:

No annual test budget.

No test budget discount.

0 €
  • Access to the price list.

  • No additional discount on the price list.

  • 1-click ordering.

  • Direct quote.



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Buy an annual test budget
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29.900 €

Like PURE, including the following benefits:

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Optionally:
    10% discount on list prices as future test budget
  • or
  • 2.5% discount on list prices as an immediate deduction
  • Includes free access to the BE Effects Database
  • Duration: 12 months.

Databases included for free:

BE Effects Database included.

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Buy an annual test budget

and save.

49.900 €

Like BASIC, including the following benefits:

  • Optionally:
    12.5% discount on list prices as future test budget
  • 5% discount on list prices as an immediate deduction
  • Includes free access to the BE Effects Database
  • Includes free access to the Nudging Best Practices Database
  • Duration: 12 months.

Databases included for free:

  • BE Effects Database included.
  • Nudging Best Practices Database included.

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Buy an annual test budget

and save.

ab 99.900 €

Like REGULAR, including the following benefits:

  • Company-specific platform in your own corporate identity (CI)
  • Faster testing: Company-specific target groups pre-set
  • Company-specific tests
  • Company-specific marketing KPIs
  • Optionally:
    20% discount on list prices as future test budget
  • or
  • 8% discount on list prices as an immediate deduction
  • Duration: 24 months
  • Additional: Setup of the platform based on effort & ongoing costs for the company-specific platform.

Databases included for free:

  • BE Effects Database
  • Nudging Principles Database
  • Nudging Best Practices Database

Upon Request

/ How we do it


Our commitment is to deliver insights and solutions that have real-world relevance. We strive to create results that make a significant difference - making it matter.

Behavioral Economics?

The scientific insights of behavioral economics serve as the foundation for us to analyze the drivers of your customers' behavior and assist you in developing measures for behavior change.


Artificial intelligence not only brings efficiency benefits to research but also improves the quality of the output in terms of content. The key factor in this is the right algorithm and analysis process.

How does a project proceed?

With or without personal contact? Just as you prefer.

To achieve the best result for you, we have developed a special briefing process. This will provide you with a good overview of what to expect before, during, and after the assignment.


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What our customers say about us:
Excerpts from the customer survey 
"StraightONE is a creative agency from which one can benefit from their knowledge."

"Moving away from being a mere numbers representative to being a consultant.

Many institutes claim to do it, but StraightONE actually does it."

"We received good answers to all our questions, along with additional insights and background information. Through the small experiment in the presentation, we were able to 'experience' the effect our client goes through ourselves. The project team also provided very positive feedback.

In short, we are very glad to have conducted the project with StraightONE."

"Even at the beginning when many things are still unclear in terms of what we want, StraightONE asks the right questions and brings in their own ideas and experiences."


What is meant by "test budget"?

Our plans do not include a subscription fee or similar costs. However, you have the option to purchase test budgets in advance from us. This will give you a discount of up to 20% on your projects, depending on the plan.

Additionally, with the plans that include a test budget, you will have free access to our databases containing implementation tools. Depending on the plan, you will have free access to up to 3 databases. More information can be found in the "TOOLS" section on the homepage.

How should the discount be understood?

If you book a plan with a test budget, you will receive the specified discount on the list price for each project. We offer two types of discounts, from which you can freely choose. Let's briefly explain using the example of the Corporate Plan:

1. Test Budget Discount

With this option, depending on the plan, you can receive up to 20% off the list price of your booked project as an additional test budget, which you can use for a future project.

2. Instant Discount

With this option, depending on the plan, you can receive up to 8% off the list price, and this discount will be applied immediately.

Do I have to purchase a test budget, or is it possible to proceed without it?

If you prefer not to purchase a test budget for now, that is completely understandable. In this case, we offer you access to the PURE plan. After a brief conversation (maximum 15 minutes), we will provide you with the login details. With the PURE plan, you will have full access to all list prices and can also submit a project inquiry directly from the shop.

Please note, however, that without a test budget, you will not have access to our implementation tools or discounts.

Can I also commission individual components instead of an entire project?

Yes, you can. Whether it's the analysis of your existing data, questionnaire design, participant recruitment, and more, you can individually commission all the components. We are here to support you, so please feel free to reach out to us.

What happens when the test budget is depleted?

The test budget is valid for 12 months. Even if the test budget is depleted, you can still benefit from the discounts for additional projects, and you do not need to purchase another test budget within the 12-month period. The plan itself has a duration of 24 months.

How do the different plans differ from each other?

We offer plans with varying amounts of test budget, which include additional advantages depending on the level of the test budget. You can fully utilize the test budget to order projects from the shop. Depending on the budget amount, you will receive a higher discount and access to up to 3 of our implementation tool databases. These databases are constantly updated and maintained to ensure their relevance.

How do you ensure security despite using AI?

We utilize various artificial intelligence technologies such as ChatGPT and similar functionalities in our work. Using these technologies presents challenges in handling the data shared there.

  • Data protection is of utmost importance to us. Therefore, we have put considerable thought into finding a solution that allows us to safely harness the capabilities of AI in our work.
  • In our analyses, no personal data is used, and any such data is removed in advance. Data privacy is a particularly important concern for us. Hence, when we analyze your self-collected data, it is crucial that no personal data is included.
  • Furthermore, we employ analysis technologies that ensure no disclosure of trade secrets or inferences about your brand can be drawn, even when information is processed using ChatGPT or similar services.
  • However, it is important to note that the anonymized data we utilize is processed on servers operated by the provider, and their location may not always be within the EU.

Unsuitable project types

  • There may be situations where the use of AI is not advisable. In such cases, we will not employ AI and will provide detailed information on how we will carry out the project without AI.

If you do not wish to utilize AI, please let us know. We will then refrain from using AI for your project.

Is an inquiry with you also a binding order?

Certainly not. We consider the inquiry as a request to submit a proposal and obtain additional information about your upcoming project. Based on our experience, there are always specific details and nuances for each request that we incorporate into our offer. If the project does not deviate significantly from the assumed parameters in the offer, it does not affect the price. However, there may be instances where certain factors, such as a more challenging target audience, can lead to a deviation from the list price.

How valid is the price in the shop?

We have priced our services to be suitable for a variety of use cases. However, there are certain situations that may result in price variations. For instance, if your project involves targeting a challenging audience, the price may deviate from the rates listed in the price list.

Do you offer more types of projects than those shown in the shop?

The project types displayed in the shop represent our agile portfolio, but we also work on individual inquiries.

Therefore, please note:

Your specific question does not fit within the offered portfolio? No problem, we are happy to create a custom offer tailored to your specific needs. We also work with our clients on ad-hoc projects in general. Segmentation/typology is one of our core areas of expertise. If you're interested, feel free to ask us about our reference projects for well-known brands.

How does behavioral economics help in this regard?

Behavioral economics is the science of human behavior in economic contexts - and thus a very powerful analytical principle for market research data. In behavioral science, the focus is on understanding how customers behave and which behavioral patterns or shortcuts (also known as decision heuristics) they employ to make decisions. It is essentially the only discipline that not only explains human behavior but also incorporates a logic of implementation. This means that it not only helps us understand what happens but also enables us to quickly generate impulses for action.

By understanding the decision pathways and behavioral patterns that underlie decisions, these pathways can be altered through so-called nudges - behavioral prompts.

We utilize behavioral economics for all our analyses to deliver comprehensible insights and, most importantly, impactful implementation impulses for our clients. If you want to learn more about it, please watch our video here.


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As experts in customer behavior, we assist companies in developing and marketing products and services that truly resonate with their customers' needs.

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