Principles for Success by Ray Dalio

Principles for Success by Ray Dalio

This is a well invested 30 minutes. Ray Dalio explains in a unique manner, how (in his eyes) the world works, and which "principles" put him on the winning way. And just in 30 minutes. 

Ray Dalio uses Behavioral Economics for these insights, too! Knowing about human biases (e.g. Confirmation Bias, or Blind Spot Bias) helps to understand and to learn about the causes. 

And the Customer Thinking Model comes up indirectly, when we weigh up the readiness of risk (Certainty) and reward (Growth/Progress). But he also goes on to say how important it is to know yourself and to reflect on your personal actions (Significance), but it’s only with the inclusion of others and their strengths (Connectivity), in the truest sense of the word, are we collectively stronger.

Ray Dalio is a master in explaining very vividly and at the same time concisely the greater topics. This video is a must see!!!

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