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We are the experts for success through customer focus.

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For solutions that withstand real life.

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No made-up stories - know what really changes your customers’ actions.

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For real solutions - it’s all about what you can do with it. 

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How can I grow sustainably and soundly in the future?



How do I create products that really strike a chord with my customers?



How can I improve my customers' willingness to pay?



How do I help my customer make better decisions?


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Behavior = Close to reality

Real life is the yardstick. Our aim is to provide knowledge and solutions that withstand the real world.
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What is Behavioral Economics?

Even though we like to see ourselves in a different light, people are often pretty bad at making decisions. Frequently, they don't choose the best or most logical option, but choose a solution that doesn't seem to be ideal. This is reality.
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Customer Thinking Process

Focus everything around your customers and be successful in the long term. Customer focus creates sustainable growth. Customer focus isn’t an attitude, but a science. Find out with us what your customers really want - and above all - what you actually have to do so that your solution offers a real added value.

We’ve developed structured and goal-oriented success principles, based on the scientific findings of behavioral economics and the agile principles of design thinking. 

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There’s only one way to be continuously successful - and to remain even more important: Create the greatest added value for your customers.

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Our world changes faster and faster.

Every day new products and new technical possibilities flood the market, and the product life cycle gets dramatically shortened. Flexibility and agility are required to keep up with customers and their needs. Are you already using an agile research framework to meet these challenges?

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We are experts for more success and customer focus.

As experts in customer behavior, we empower companies to develop and market products and services that really hit the nerve of their customers.

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Michaela Verdel

Managing Partner 
Behavior Science
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