StraightONE – the Agency for Customer Behaviour and Agile Research.

We don’t just deliver insights but expose goal-orientated and relevant solutions with Behavioral Economics, which positively influence customer behaviour.


Our work is only ever successfully completed when our contribution plays a decisive part in your business success. Something that we want to be measured on.

Behaviour Economics

Based on Behavioural Principles

Design Thinking

Working with the Design Thinking Principles

Agile Workroom

Our Framework for Agile Processes

Utilise the potential of your customers’ irrational but predictable behaviour.

We analyse and predict customer behaviour and develop tangible strategies and tools so that you can achieve your desired customer behaviour.

Be successful with  Innovation.

Be one step ahead of your competitors and design innovations which are geared towards human nature.

Prove your

Design Superiority.

Create a smart behavior design that your customers can’t resist.

Have effective POS- und Pricing strategies.

Find the ideal pricing strategy for every situation with behavioural pricing. Optimise margins and profits.

Increase your customers


Thrill your customers with a customer journey which they can identify with.


Agile Workroom.

Never have to wait for the research results again. Within hours you have an answer to your research question: That’s the Agile Workroom.


to your result


per day


comments per day

What is Behavioural Economics?

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