Growth means change.

You can only achieve growth if people do things differently in the future than they’ve done until now.

Only when the people’s buying behavior changes in your favor – namely when more people buy your product – will you be able to market / sell more. That's why, when it comes to identifying growth opportunities, we start examining people's purchasing decision behavior.

Why Customer Centricity pays off.

Flywheel Customer Focus

Do you know the decision-making behavior of your customers?

Success factor: Decision behavior. There are now many scientifically proven findings about people's decision-making behavior - as well as methods for identifying the relevant decision drivers in the respective context.

That's why we scan the entire purchase decision process - including the path to purchase - and identify where you can most effectively target and induce an increase in sales. But people are not all the same. And it’s no different when it comes to decision-making behavior. Some are, depending on the context, more loss averse and don’t want to make the wrong decision, and others are more driven by a certain ambition to get the best deal.

Only by addressing the WHO and HOW can you create success.

Would you like to advance your company? Do you want to successfully launch a new product on the market to help an existing product to grow more or expand sales potential in your existing product portfolio? Then let’s chat about how we can identify your sales potential and develop tangible strategies and tactics to increase your sales.

Be and Remain the Market Leader

Purchase Decision Segmentation

New Business Strategy

Path to Purchase Optimization

How do you recognize customer needs?

Is it possible to recognize validly and accurately what customers want? Behavioral economics helps us here too. We start with what’s important to customers in their (product) decision and how they proceed, to map out the success criteria in their decision. By knowing the customer's attitude, what he actually does and why, we can draw conclusions from the behavior patterns shown, and future products and services can be designed with the customer in mind, and there’s a higher probability that the customer decides in favor of the said product.

The Customer Focus Manifest

Why customer focus is the only sure way to sustainable business success.

Our 6 Implementation Guarantors

Make it Matter is our motto. We take general learnings, and illustrate the mechanics and rules of thumb behind customer behavior with the help of Behavioral Economics, so that with specific nudges the desired goal can be achieved. Practicability is essential and is the reason we usually use the following elements in our work:

Insight Principles

Insight principles illustrate the mechanisms or cognitive principles that your customer uses when deciding what to do in each situation.

Do you know your customers’ insight principles? If so, you’ll understand how the topic is perceived from their point of view, and you’ll know whether you’re already taking full advantage of all the opportunities that you’re being offered.

Do's and Don'ts

For each topic we offer very tangible action guidelines for the respective contexts. The aim here is to know, based on the lessons learned, what you should be doing - or what you should refrain from doing - to achieve the desired results.

Decision Syntax

The decision syntax outlines your customers’ decision logic. We uncover which topics, in which order and with which quality criteria these are considered by customers when they make a decision. Without knowledge about the decision syntax, you might not be answering a critical argument well for your customers within the early decision layer - and as a result be eliminated from the relevant set, although you fulfil all other criteria with flying colors.

BE Toolbox & Pattern Analysis

The analysis of behavioral patterns shows which behavioral tools your customers use, which goals motivate their behavior and which needs lie behind their behavior. For this we use our Behavioral Economics Effects Toolbox - with 90 of the most important scientifically proven behavioral effects.

Nudging Strategy Cards

A decisive advantage of working with Behavioral Economics is that we understand what makes them tick, by recognizing the specific customer behavior patterns, and offer possible solutions too, as to how these behavior patterns can be changed positively with tangible measures (nudges/success strategies).


Efficiency and effectivity are important to us. We’ve developed structured canvases for this reason for each key step (e.g. scoping phase, ...) to support us go through all phases unerringly but efficiently - and therefore achieving our goal.

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