Real life is the benchmark

It is our claim to deliver findings and solutions that are also valid in the real world. This is why we have chosen to work with Behavioral Economics as a tool.

After all, classic market research often deals with the cognitive assessment of the client on a specific topic. You ask, for example: "What do you think about..." "Would you buy the product," etc. - With this, classical research asks for the rational judgement of the customer, under the assumption that this judgement alone - or at least to the decisive part - causes the future behaviour.

„A lot of what economist think is irrational behavior – is in fact really intelligent. What people do is: They use heuristics to minimize the downside varriance and to optimize the optimal outcome.“

Rory Sutherland, VP Ogilvy

We know that's not true. Humans often behave irrationally and therefore seemingly illogical. That is true. But the good news is, irrational does not mean unpredictable. Because your customers use the same "behavior shortcut" over and over again to achieve their goal. This behavioral pattern can be easily recognized and thus also predicted with the behavioral-economic effects.

Even more: With knowledge of the behavioral effects we also have tools in our hands with which we can build solutions that are highly likely to hit the target. So we not only know why your customer behaves this way, but also what needs to be done to make your product better match customer behavior - and thus become their first choice.

„Logic and uitility theory are beautiful mathematical theories, but the don’t describe how most of us actually make decisions.“ .“

Gerd Gigerenzer, "Father of Heuristics"


The decisive factor here is that we make the research setting as realistic as possible. We therefore prefer research approaches that measure in the real environment or simulate it as far as possible to ensure accurate analyses. For some fields there is now also the possibility of conducting research in reality before a launch - i.e. in real time - without this being publicly visible to customers or competitors.

We have developed a process to deliver reproducible and systematic findings and solutions that also hold up in reality.

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