Use the potential of your customers’ irrational but predictable behaviour.

As experts in the field of innovation research we support companies in developing and marketing products and services which really strike a chord with customers.

We also analyse and predict customer behaviour and develop tangible strategies and tools so that you can achieve the desired customer behaviour.

Our motto:


Our work is only ever successfully completed when our contribution plays a decisive part in your business success. Something that we want to be measured on.

It’s our objective that you know precisely what moves your customers, how they “tick” and which areas you need to adjust to achieve the desired effect.

StraightONE Approach:
Smart combination of Behavioural Economic Models and based on agile methods of Design Thinking.


We’re convinced that products and services can only be successful if they strike a chord with the customers. That’s why it’s essential to understand your customers’ lives in their entirety – and with it the apparently illogical human behaviour. Even more though, it’s about consciously integrating this irrational behaviour into your own actions and being more successful as a result.

It’s a particular concern of ours that the logic (reason) behind the irrational behaviour remains as simple and comprehensible as possible to understand and illustrates possibilities of how it can be used positively.

We don’t just hand over insights to our clients, but ways and means which allow for this irrational behaviour to be actively applied to their success story. They receive clear information about what happens with their customers at each stage, how this affects their process and how this knowledge can be used to achieve the desired customer behaviour.


Straight =

linear – upright – open – honest – direct – neat – pure

One =

focussed – unique – explicit – succinct


Our consultancy approach combines the best of both worlds. We unify the insights from Behavioural Economics with an agile working approach and the methods of Design Thinking.

Using Behavioural Economic principles, we determine that the insights won from a study are practicable, i.e. geared to the daily behaviour of customers, but that “exaggerated” effects and mechanisms are integrated into these insights and solution approaches, and sustainably have an effect, too.

Behaviour Economics

  • is hands-on
  • has sustainable effects
  • explains and operationalises “irrational” human behaviour
  • clearly depicts where action can be taken to be sustainably successful
  • actively uses BE strategies – facilitating products which revolve around the customers’ real needs

With agile Design-Thinking methods we achieve the pace necessary to keep up with the present digitalised world.

Design Thinking is:

  • fast
  • simple
  • clear
  • agile


We are an interdisciplinary team of passionate experts for behavioural analysis and strategies. Our services are based on decades of experience accompanying international brands professionally, as well as on a stable fundament of scientifically grounded insight-models and analysis methods.

On the scientific basis of behavioural economics, we develop high-performance and practice-orientated concepts and solutions, whereby the insights tie in directly with the real-lives of customers. System relevant mistakes due to testing under “lab conditions” are largely avoided.

StraightONE emerges from Blauw Research GmbH which was founded in 2005. Our expertise is based on extensive experience, a global focus and a close cooperation with Blauw Research in the Netherlands.

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Behavioural Science

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