What's the difference?

Basically two types of innovation can be distinguished:                                                                     

But what distinguishes strategic = disruptive innovations from continuous innovations?

Strategic = disruptive innovation

Strategic innovations bring the customer a completely new perspective on the familiar situation. They fundamentally change the customer's decision-making system by adding at least one new decision criterion that is highly relevant to the customer.

The customer can no longer follow his usual decision patterns. The new criterion is at least so relevant that the customer pauses, thinks again about the known decision situation and considers whether the new offer requires a change in his decision-making system.

The criterion for determining whether your new product is really a strategic and therefore often really disruptive innovation is therefore: Does your product really change the rules of competition? In other words: Does the decision for your customer now function fundamentally differently? Or is it just another option after all.

Customer expectation:

Companies must know what customers need before the customers themselves know it.

Continuous = improving innovation

Continuous innovation, on the other hand, is more a logical development of the status quo. Products must keep up with the times, and always use contemporary technologies and possibilities to optimize the product. But they don't turn your customers' decision-making system upside down, they usually just add new possibilities. For example, a new color on a mobile phone is not a strategic innovation (anymore). The development from the keypad phone to the smartphone, however, is. But continuous innovation is also about constantly improving the product and reducing friction losses and usage problems. The goal is to offer the customer the best possible product. This requires continuous product optimization = continuous innovation.

customer expectations:

Companies must always offer customers an even better product experience.

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