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We’re taking the German motto “alles neu macht der Mai” all too literally! As of mid-May, Blauw Research GmbH is not just becoming StraightONE GmbH, but we’re moving into our new modern offices right at the heart of Nuremberg.

As a Customer Behaviour agency, we want to express our motto “Make it matter” with a new name, too. As an established provider for the areas of innovation, design, pricing and the customer journey, we don’t just deliver our clients with insights but by using behavioural economic principles we expose target relevant solutions, which positively influence customer behaviour.

With Behavioural Economic principles, our clients don’t just understand why their clients behave in a certain manner but also learn about what they need to activate to stimulate positive behaviour.

With the smart use of behavioural economic techniques, it’s possible to explain customer behaviour in a differentiated and targeted manner and to deliver key but practical recommendations which make a difference in real-life.

That customers behave, what sometimes appears to be irrationally is something we all know. To take these “irrationalities” into account we use our own behaviour economic tools, with which unconscious behavioural patterns from the System 1 (that’s why we have a ONE in our name) can be accommodated for.

We don’t just use these tools in our projects, but these tools also allow our clients to transfer their behavioural economic know-how into their organisation, establishing it as a standard and thereby profiting from the knowledge acquired in the long-term.

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