Customer focus can be agile too.

The Challenge

Agile teams need solid insights into future customer behavior regarding key points in the innovation and marketing process. This requires qualitative insights into the needs and motivations of the target group, as well as valid quantitative data on the potential of new ideas and concepts.

But classical research is often time-consuming and doesn't fit the time and monetary framework of an agile team.

Your Goal

You want to gain quick and easy insights into future customer behavior. That's exactly what we offer. In our Agile Workroom you can gain valid insights for your innovation and marketing teams quickly and easily.

The strong 3:



In the Agile Framework we bundle up everything into a holistic research and iterative development concept. Based on the Lean Startup principle, you'll know at each stage of the development process, which tool to use to get information that's decisive for the respective phase. For the entire process - from the initial idea to the finished solution.


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We combine the advantages of research and automation with our behavioral economics expertise. We call them Agile Boxes because we want the customer focus to be as simple as buying a packaged product in a store. 

All you have to do is describe your business case briefly and your most pressing issues, and we'll take care of the rest from there. Ultimately, you'll get the answer to your questions and concrete recommendations about how to proceed. In other words, you'll receive clear advice on how best to implement on customer behavior in your company for product and marketing innovations  and a successful go-to-market approach.

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The Real Live Ad Impact Test is the ultimate reality check for your campaign.

You test your digital ads in the real advertising environment - without consequences.


The Real Live Ad Impact Test enables you - by pre-testing advertising media in the real environment - to select the most promising advertising campaign and to use your advertising and media spendings profitably, and efficiently.

Using Programmatic Ad Technology, we "play out" your ads in a real advertising environment just to those participating in the test, without them actually knowing that the playout is part of the test.

5 Benefits:

1. Forecast and optimize your media spendings.

2. Unerring ads by testing and optimizing in the real advertising environment.

3. Fast results within hours.

4. Valid and reliable results without wastage.

5. Simple, fast and inexpensive.

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