“It is far better to do the right thing wrong than to do the wrong thing right.”

Russell L. Ackoff

Agile methods require a quicker and more flexible tact for market research solutions as well as a more intense inclusion of customers in the product development process, even in very early phases.

Our solutions approach allows teams, who work to agile principles, to obtain customer feedback in every phase of the design thinking process.

The solution spectrum encompasses quick qualitative and quantitative testing, as well as an infrastructure for teams, who continually need agile feedback, with the “Agile Research Solution”.

Factors of success for Agile Workroom

The demands on market research for agile projects are different than for standard projects. Nevertheless, there are a few factors of success which hold equally true for both. This is particularly true when it comes to the validity of the results.

Agile Workroom

Behavioural Economics Proof

Mere surveys are rarely sufficient enough in terms of validity. Methods are necessary which are realistic and have a high predictability.

Flexible and iterative Approaches

Just as the agile innovation process is defined by its flexibility, so too must the market research’s method and timing be.


Research without having a dead weight: Focusing on the fundamentals saves time, increases awareness and leads to clear results.


Automatisation and streamlining of the research process establishes flexibility and speed, which is necessary in iterative development phases to secure quick and affordable customer feedback time and time again.

Empathy Building

Self-awareness is a fundamental part of Design Thinking, that’s why we have tools for actively involving the innovation team.

Always ready

We’ve got the tools and are ready for you to receive your results quickly.

Should your research’s pace be accelerated?

What we do:

We create agile research solutions. Let’s build your agile workroom together.

The solution spectrum encompasses quick qualitative but also quantitative tests, some of which can be booked directly via our online-shop. Additionally, we create infrastructures for companies, which continually need agile feedback, with the agile research solution

You’d like to durably integrate the customers in your innovation projects but with some flexibility still?

Agile Research Infrastructure

So that you, as the market researcher, can facilitate your team’s contact with your potential target group(s) for obtaining rapid customer feedback.

“Ready to Accelerate Online Communities” are our solution for providing agile teams with tailored, “just in time” insights, feedback and direct customer contact. Thereby creating an infrastructure which is ready for action at a moment’s notice, and can be used for a multitude of topics and teams.

You need quick qualitative insights?

Agile & Qualitative

You need qualitative research to gain quick inspiration or insights for your team’s next sprint.


With our agile workshops, Skype interviews and pop-up communities we can within a week deliver focused qualitative insights (to actual problems).


For particularly urgent topics we can gather insights with Skype interviews within 24h.

You need quick resilient feedback?

Agile & Quantitative

You quickly need statistically resilient / valid feedback from your target group to a certain problem or to new prototypes.


With our quantitative agile concept test you’ll get sound feedback, beyond the sheer purchase intention questions, within (from) 24 hours.

What you receive:

Quick feedback for iterative development processes

Product development with your finger on the customers’ pulse

Integrate your customers sustainably into the innovation process

Inspiring customer feedback instead of boring market research projects

Personally experience the customers’ needs

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