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We are the customer illuminators

We are the experts for success through customer focus.

Our customers have recognised that the greatest lever for sustainable success lies in the focus on the customer. And it's important for them to really understand their customers, and find out what they really want.

At StraightONE, we understand what makes your customers tick and what needs lie in their behavior. But understanding alone is not enough for us, we know what shortcuts and behavioral patterns customers use to satisfy their needs. With the help of scientific methods and findings from the Behavioral Economics discipline, we know exactly what you as a company need to do to build products and services that your customers really want.

At StraightONE, we don't simply provide our clients with customer information. We show companies what their customers really need and want. In doing so, we are essentially guided by your customers' actual behavior - and not just by attitudes and opinions. After all, the decisive factor is what your customers actually do, and not what they'd like to do.

But above all, we show companies what they need to do in tangible terms to create real added value to the customers. Ultimately, we all - companies and us at StraightONE - have the same goal:

We want to develop inspiring products that offer your users the best possible benefit.

What makes us different?

Quite definitely, our focus on the implementation! 

We think beyond the results and have the implementation in mind, right from the very beginning.

What's decisive for us is HOW your customer does something - and how that fits in with what he says. This enables us to find out not only WHY they act this way, but how they actually go about something. These behavioral patterns shown by the customer - we call them effects - provide decisive indications about which behavioral economic success strategies (=nudges) make more sense in achieving the goal desired.

For us at StraightONE, it's always about what you as a company can do with the findings afterwards: what really helps your company. Make it matter.

Our customers have recognized that the greatest lever for sustainable success lies in customer focus. That's why the key quality criterion for them is how well their service meets the customers' needs and wishes.

Is that what you want, too? 

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